Test Set Executor (TSX)

TSX is an application designed to manage the test execution process.  Primarily, it helps teams manage the execution of test sets in ALM.  However, TSX provides many additional benefits including:

  • Extending the HP ALM web service API, so that execution of a test set can be triggered by a simple web service call from any application.
  • Storing test run data in a centralized database, so run data can be easily accessed from any test automation tool.
  • Maintains a test data workflow, so multiple tests can share run data and old data will not be re-used.


Login to the TSX Manager console to review data scenarios, execution results, audit information and application errors.

The management console also allows and administrator to create new data scenarios and update existing scenarios, so test data always stays relevant.


TSX provides a rich web API so all interactions can be completed via standardized web service calls.  This allows any automation tool or 3rd party system to execute and access test information without the need to install additional software.

The management console can be used to review captured service calls to assist with troubleshooting!