Part Time HP ALM Administration

Organizations which use HP’s ALM  don’t always have the budget or necessity to have a full time administrator.  Instead organizations instead will use a technical though inexperienced  resource without the background to leverage all of ALM’s features.  This also places the testing organizations greatest asset repository  in the hands of someone who only manages ALM on occasion.

We can help you leverage ALM Features such as

  • Project Templates
  • UFT Automation Execution
  • Project Reporting
  • Custom Excel Reports
  • HP ALM Lab Management
  • Service Test Management Setup
  • HP ALM Best Practices
  • HP Sprinter Optimization


Citizencrane staffs full time HP Certified ALM Administrators which you can staff on a part time basis:

  • Option 1: 10 hours a month
  • Option 2: 16 hours a month
  • Option 3: 24 hours a month
  • Option 4: 40 hours a month
  • Custom Options also Available!



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