HP Products

We specialize in the installation, implementation and training of the following HP Products:

HP Application Lifecycle Management

HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a test portal application that allows users to manage the testing process from requirements analysis through implementations.  This tool provides a stable environment to manage requirements, tests, and defects.  ALM also allows users to track the life of a work effort through project management enabled features and customizable reporting.

Additionally, cross-project reporting and asset sharing help to ensure consistent processes are followed across work efforts. Dashboards and reporting capability also let you track KPI goals and analyze data about milestones that you have defined.

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HP Unified Functional Testing

HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) software is an automation IDE that allows testers with extensive or little development knowledge to create test scripts that can test an application quickly and consistently. Automated testing allows testers to focus on business critical components, while still performing complete regression testing.

With UFT organizations can dramatically improve software quality while reducing overall testing expenses and shortening the testing timeline. Additionally, because UFT integrates seamlessly with ALM, testers can quickly leverage the newly developed automation scripts.

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HP Performance Center

HP Performance Center software is an the industry-leading solution built on the HP LoadRunner software platform. It provides a centralized interface to manage load testing assets: controls, load generators, scripts and more. Performance Center also allows for management of the execution timeline by providing a scheduling feature that can execute unattended scripts 24/7/365.

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HP LoadRunner

HP LoadRunner allows users to conduct load validation. In today’s demanding IT web, ensuring your application can withstand normal, and above normal traffic is essential to remain competitive.

LoadRunner also enables you to test on a variety of application platforms including Mobile, Ajax, HTML 5, .NET, Java, SOAP, Citrix, ERP and Many More!

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HP SiteScope

HP SiteScope provides agentless monitoring of your application without the need to install complex, resource consuming software on the application server itself. SiteScope will quickly monitor application health in a dynamic and/or virtualized environment. The software has the ability to detect environment changes and adjust monitor settings automatically, allowing operational readiness areas to receive up-to-date information without additional manual configurations. Because of this, SiteScope is ideal for monitoring cloud based or virtualized environments in addition to traditional network architectures.

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HP Sprinter

HP Sprinter is a manual testing platform that automates the most timeconsuming aspects of manual testing. With Sprinter a manual tester is able to provide clear step-by-step defect details to development (including screenshots and/or short videos). Additionally, Sprinter can be configured to automate form entry tasks, so testers do not have to spend time filling out long user forms. With these and many other features Sprinter is able to shorten the manual testing timeline, while ensuring consistency and quality in test execution.

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